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Right after we got married I started wearing pantyhose again when I was home alone.

My wife did not know about my pantyhose fetish, although I think she may have been suspicious when she would open her pantyhose drawer and find her favorite hose missing.

One night about one year into our marriage my wife and I were in bed.

I was having a hard time trying to figure a way to let my wife know that I enjoyed not only her wearing pantyhose when we made love, but that I would like to wear pantyhose also. Initially she was shocked, but I believe she was truly concerned that there was something seriously wrong, and after finding out that this was only a pantyhose fetish she was relieved.

Well I was quite excited about the thought of putting on her sheer beige pantyhose! I believe I was afraid of dressing up and wearing lingere with this guy and what may have happened or just the possibility of getting caught by his mom in her pantyhose.

I remember seeing a picture of a couple performing ballet. I thought that it would be fun to wear tights and if learning ballet was a way to wear them I would give it a try.

it was very painful but i love that very much it make me wit. when he strocks me fast from behind, holding my shoulders very strongly, he says my loudely moaning & shouting makes him very hot, his cock becomes very long tite & strong & he fucks very violently 2 me. when his cum jurking out very fourcely on my face in my mouth & on big round boobs. he rub that hot cum all over to my body & i suck his long fat penies with my sweet lips.

& now i compled him to fuck my anal very deep & fastly. aaahhhh my god what a sex what a nice feeling what a pleasure wow!!!!

He carefully put the pantyhose, girdles and bras back in the drawer and we ended up back in the den and started playing with the Matchbox cars again as if nothing had ever happened.

I always wondered what would have happened if I had taken the chance and worn his mom's lingere!

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