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A generation ago, printing was an archetypal working man’s trade. The gadgets that Phillip Schofield was flogging on consumer guide How To Spend It Well At Christmas (ITV), such as a £600 camera drone or an alarm clock that squirted the smell of bacon and eggs in the morning, seemed sensible by comparison.

Now it’s an ultra-middle class activity.‘Perhaps the most pleasing thing about printing,’ gurgled Kirstie, ‘is how tactile it is.’ Funnily enough, when I worked in a newspaper print hall alongside compositors, who used to arrange type for printing before computers took over, I never heard anyone express quite that sentiment. But he made the mistake of plugging toys for overgrown boys and girls for a whole hour.

This is just the sort of accolade Dan needs if he is to reinvent himself.

As he somewhat haughtily suggested in a recent interview: 'I think the bar for fulfilment has been raised.

The dashing actor’s wife Susie Hariet has yet to accompany him, and has instead been looking after their two children — daughter Willow, three, and ten-month-old son Aubrey — at the plush Upper Westside apartment they’ve called home since September.Fielden is probably the best-connected man in New York, and his dearest female friend is Vogue’s Anna Wintour.The pair are just the people Stevens needs to open doors.This weight loss will help in his crucial next step to stardom — starring as a sleazy heroin trafficker in a forthcoming crime film, A Walk Among The Tombstones, which begins shooting in New York later this year.He’s also benefited hugely from a burgeoning friendship with Jay Fielden, editor-in-chief of the venerable New York magazine.

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