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This number was also used in the 1985 movie Once Bitten: it is on the phone in the dating night club that hangs on the wall behind Jim Carey and Lauren Hutton when they first meet.

311-555-2368 was also used in numerous episodes of The Bionic Woman as the private phone number of Jaime Sommers in her coach house.

San Francisco 3-1-1 was implemented in 2007 shortly after the launch of the T Third Street Muni light rail line.

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The number provides access to non-emergency municipal services.

In all parts of the United Kingdom, the non-emergency number for contacting the police is 101.

The cost of city services in Baltimore has been dramatically reduced by the combination of the 3-1-1 service and Citi Stat.

In Alberta, 311 was the automatic number announcement circuit (ANAC) until 1 April 2005 when this was changed to 958-6111 to make way for the 3-1-1 service.

In the United States, 311 was sometimes used as a fictitious area code in Bell System advertisements depicting telephones; often the phone in the advertisement would bear the specific number Area Code 311 555-2368.

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