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But due to the urge to eat some, ill help you make it better. Boiling, wet frying, oven cooking, grinding, etc are among the best methods of cooking beef. Meat cooking level: full Serves: 3Cooking time: 25 minutes. Procedure: Cut the meat into small pieces of about half a centimeter length cubes. Clean, peal and chop the carrots into small pieces. A tinge of salt (to taste)1 teaspoon ground coriander1 split garlic. Add the cooking oil and allow it to head until no sound is emanated from it. Being able to bake cakes at home will enable one to have fresh, cheap cakes in addition to their high nutritional value. Remove it from the jiko and overturn it on to a platter. You can have it with milk or juice,whichever your preference. You can slowly increase the ingredients for bigger cakes or alter some ingredients for varied tastes. When the dough becomes of dropping consistency,stop adding the milk. To ensure the cake is cooked inside,stick a fork in it.The most common methods of preparation include:-roasting-frying.***Method 1***DRY ROASTINGNote: as believed, peanuts do not ask for any cooking supplements. Add the previous cleaned peanuts, remove any shells, other grains, rotten nuts, and stir continuously. Once the grains heat up to a level of mildly burning your palms, take a cup and add water about 100 ml. Add the salty water to the grains and continue stirring.Once the moisture has ceased evaporating and the grains have dried up, check for grains that still has a lot of salt attached to them, and remove they.iii) Food is exposed to very high temperatures killing all micro organisms and thus preventing disease related to poor cooking.iv) All the nutrients and aroma is retained since there is no direct evaporation.

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vi) It tenderizes the food thus anybody can consume even the toddlers,sick and very old.

Pressure cooker has the following advantages: i) The food takes the shortest time possible to cook.

ii) Energy used to cook is limited thus minimize the cost of fuel.

Since then, our story has been inextricably linked with both cultures, and to identify with only one would be to miss out on one-half of our book. One time my dad even made a friend because they were both wearing the exact same Tusker shirt on the same day and in the same location. Every morning we thank God for blessing this earth with Mr. The dish that he made famous, referred to as Maru's Bhajiyas, is something that all Kenyan-Indians love and know how to make.

These are a few things that make Kenyan-Indians unique individuals. These delicately marinated potato chips are something that I crave at least once a month and always beg my mom to make.

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