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If anything, I’m damned near the opposite, and if what the women interviewed for the story have to say about themselves is true, I should, at least in theory, have had some luck landing at least the occasional first date.

During that entire period, though, I only heard back from one woman.

You want to talk about a tough town to meet women, that is the worst of them.

Yes, there is a lot of men in Seattle and many have a lot of cash which is not a great thing in the dating competition market. A lot of wealthy , nerdy, hipster beta males who have no real game, personality and tend to spoil and pamper women as the only means to getting a date.

This creates a city that is definitely saturated with Provider Hunter types and you need to be very cautious for those type of women.

Many of the more classy women you will see around places like Belltown and definitely the Eastside will expect you to buy them not only drinks, but food and take them out.

It’s from May 2014 – interestingly enough, I lived there then. The main thrust is there are a lot of guys in the city – more than there are women – and they have good jobs and plenty of money. As technologist and writer Jeff Reifman pointed out in a post titled “You’ve Got Male: Amazon’s Growth Impacting Seattle Dating Scene,” Amazon …

However, I've always had difficulty trying to date and I don't want to be in a place that would make it much more difficult with the high male/female ratio.

I love the environment of Seattle - cool, cloudy, rainy.

Easier here than in DC, but probably difficult everywhere.

Sweeping generalization: many guys chasing after the few very attractive women who are purposely socially isolated via all the creeps / cat-callers.

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    As for as good second date ideas are concerned, “show the other person that you were paying attention on the first date by doing something to show you learned a little about them," Boykin says.