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Hence Preeto decides to contribute to the family income by designing and stitching clothes for clients.Her dream is to get her older sisters married and the younger ones educated.At the head of the family is retired school master Gangandeep Dhillon, who lives with his wife Kanwal and five daughters.The eldest daughter is named Jasmeet (Meeta), and is followed by Ishmeet (Ishu), Manpreet (Preeto), Gurbaani (Bani) and the youngest, Sonu.Meanwhile, Dhruv another air force officer falls in love with Ishu.At first Ishu says no to his proposal then later says yes.But Dhruv's mom (Neelam) and dad (Ryan) are against this marriage. In Manali, Rajbeer eats spicy pokras and has an upset stomach.Few days later in Manali Simran meets an accident but Rajbeer saves her. After they reach Amritsar Bani falls in love with a guy named Ranjeet.

With the father struggling to make ends meet and with no son in the family to depend on, the show traces ...Sawaare Sabke Sapne Preeto was an Indian television series that premiered on Imagine TV on July 4, 2011 and fineshed on April 12, 2012 2012, The story is located against a Punjabi backdrop and is based on the lives of five sisters.The eldest daughter is named Jasmeet, and is followed by Ishmeet, Manpreet, Gurbaani and the youngest, Sonu.They live in a run-down mansion, having moved to India from Pakistan after the Partition, a generation ago.In many ways the Dhillon family is a typical lower-middle-class Indian family.

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