Online hardcore dating game

For those that prefer to flirt with a virtual person instead of navigating the crazy world of online dating, these awesome games will touch your heart.This free popular dating simulator lets you play as a female protagonist who’s just moved to a new high school. These include Nathaniel, the class president; Castiel, the “bad boy;” and Ken, a geek.Then proceeds to call her mother or father to ask them how to ask their daughter on a date. Learn how to ATTRACT THE WOMEN YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED any place, anytime, and in any situation!Play Now — Download — Android | i OS | Windows This simulator takes you to a “life-like dream” where you play as a man living in a house with six different women.Over time, you can get to know each one and decide whom you’d like to pursue.Most girls I know are games in one form or another (no, not FB/mobile gamers). Issue is however that just like men, women rarely Wear thier hobbies on thier sleeves (just as thankfully the fewest Guys walk around with a "PS" shirt or cap (which is usually just pathetic).

Is it really that important that a potential girlfriend is a "gamer"? But if gaming is really important to you then I suppose you'd at least want someone that doesn't look down upon it and allows you to have your gaming time.

If studies are to be believed around every third female you meet should be gaming ;) But yeah hang out where people DO engage with the hobby you you will likely find some. Ive only been with a couple of girls who actually liked hardcore games, no angry birds doesn't count.

Word of warning though, that they have an interrest in games does not mean they want to hang around all day playing games. It was something special, and I met them in school by chance but I am no longer in school. Or do I have to stalk a video game store and hope a hot chick walks in looking for Fallout 3 GOTY edition.

I dont know you but your post makes you sound like a lesbian and a feminist. dont be so shallow and stuck-up to just only want to game with "a hot chick" because it makes you feel better and feeds your ego of female dominance. School club, I know a mutual friend that pokes around clubs despite not attending that school to make friends there. Lower your standards, the pool for hardcore gamer girls is small.

Oh helllll, someone bust out that gamespot girl help pict already.

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