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“He’d always go to bed later than me and often made excuses when I brought it up,” explains the 41-year-old.“So when he sat me down one day to tell me he was a sex addict, I actually laughed – although I soon stopped when he disclosed night upon night of watching pornography for hours on end and numerous short-lived affairs.I believe in God and think he will think I'm a bad person, I hate these sick thoughts and compulsions they make me feel so bad please any help ?I get the same fears, the more you try to not think about something the more it pops into your head, it happened to me when my pocd was really bad, I was afriad of think about my mates little sister during masterbation, the more I tryied to suppress it the more it came on, nothing sexual, just the name, at the time it really messed me up, but now I understand it's the ocd.My life fell apart.” Sex addiction hurts partners in a way that no other addiction can, says Paula Hall, who has written a book on the overdue, Hall believes, with thousands of partners across the UK struggling with something that evokes all the most destructive ingredients of personal pain – betrayal, infidelity, deceit and shame.Without those users, your system may be 'secure', but all your security work was still just masturbation.You didn't do anything useful at all in the end.” Torvalds therefore outlined his preferred way of working, which involves security people reporting issues first, so that kernel developers can address them root and branch as they update Linux.

, researchers have now found a basis in physiology for the niggling dissatisfaction.

“So from a developer standpoint, the end point of hardening is just the starting point, and when _you_ think you're done, we're really only getting started.” The Linux overseer added that when hardening efforts see a process or feature disabled, users see it as “just a latent bug that got exposed.” “And the keyword here is that it was _latent_, and things used to work, and the hardening patch did something - probably fairly drastic - to turn it from 'dangerous' to 'benign' from a security perspective.” “So from a user standpoint, the hardening was just a big nasty annoyance, and probably made their workflow _break_, without actually helping their case at all, because they never really saw the original bug as a problem to begin with.” Torvalds' post explained his view that “...

the number one rule of kernel development is that 'we don't break users'.” “Because without users, your program is pointless, and all the development work you've done over decades is pointless.” “Because in the end, those users really do matter.

And when you say "the sexual thoughts" are they normal sexual thoughts, or is the idea of feeling sexual making you feel evil/ bad etc ? When your in the bath it's normal to have a bigger urge to masturbate.

because of what happened last time with the family member? Also it's just the ocd that's turning normal thoughts about your family into sexual ones.

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