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The two people known of each other’s existent through the sound of the thin wall that divided their apartment.

So there is a stop watch that is ticking down where I urgently want to know how everything going to end. I like the fact that the characters experienced growth before they really had a romance.

This movie is very realist and I like it very much. It made me cry for no apparent reason.maybe because of the fact that it kinda sends of the message that "love is real" and it can happen to anyone. Some would probably say it's a bit slow, but it's slowness is what helps you get to know the characters.

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Nojima Satoshi (Junichi Okada) is a photographer who wants to photograph scenery, but currently works for a modeling agency where he takes picture of his best friend, a model in his 30, Shingo (Hiroyuki Ikeuchi).

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