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Within the castle is an unusual arena where bullfights are held several times a year. Its white parish church, topped with conical decorations, was converted from a mosque in the 12th century, and still retains a strong Islamic feel in its horseshoe arches and mihrab (prayer niche) facing east to Mecca.

Above the church looms the town's ruined 13th century castle, with bird's-eye views of the entire town and river, and maybe even of the rare black stork or the lesser kestrel, a splendid falcon that is near extinction. The "Islamic Festival" that takes place every two years in May recreates the Islamic period of the town with music, exhibitions, and a street market.

It was an execution ground during the Inquisition, but is now filled with shops and cafes, and surrounded by attractive townhouses with wrought-iron balconies.

A fountain erected in 1571 in front of the Renaissance Santo Antão Church dominates one end of this spacious square.

Visitors can also climb up to the roof for a view over the town.Nation2is a website builder that lets you to create a free website in HTML5 and CSS3 in the most easy, quick and fun way!Your own website online in only 5 minutes, without requiring technical knowledge. From there, the pedestrian Rua 5 de Outubro (lined with souvenir shops) leads to the Roman temple and Loios Convent.The convent is now a splendid pousada but anyone can visit its Gothic church founded in 1485.

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