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His three-years supply of asthma prescriptions has cost £370.56.His weekly prescriptions for medications to control his conditions have come at a cost of £6,450.60, according to the interactive gadget.A sprained limb also came at a cost of £680 to the NHS.However, the test doesn't take into account other costs, such as the monthly blood tests she had during her battle with the infection.

Two hip replacements footed the majority of his bill, coming at a cost of £17,850.Designers of the tool claim that the costings are just approximate and 'should not be relied upon as definitive'.However, the cost figures tend to come mostly from Government sources.This winter is expected to be disastrous, with the health service believed to be facing its worst financial crisis in a generation.Figures suggest that NHS England will spend in excess of £123 billion looking after the population over the course of this financial year.

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