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Without thinking he quickly snatched up the padlock, slotted it through the eyelets to lock the cage in place. It was only at that point that he thought about what he had just done. The cold water was still having an effect and for the time being his cock remained flaccid. His cock wasn't particularly large but it was much larger than the 3.5 inch length of the cage.

He cock was locked in a steel cage and without the key there was no way he could get it off.

Porn Portal is the place to be if you want to watch hot free videos from some of the biggest names in the business, like Evil Angel.Here’s where you can watch masturbation videos in HD, including this hot little number featuring Maya Simpson toying her moist pussy.I don’t know what it is, but I love hot neon colors on a girl, and, in a girl.He then took the cage section and attempted to slide it over his cock and lock it into place. He returned to the shower, taking the cage with him. The cold water took his breath, but started to work immediately. He was shivering and his hands began to tremble because of the cold, but he was determined to get the cage locked in place. He took the cage and quickly placed it over his cock. He paused at the door and prepared himself before entering. On her legs she wore a pair of fantastically horny black socks, which were pulled up over her knees. Her eyes were surrounded by a sea of black make up, accentuating her beautiful eyes. His growing cock pulled the steel ring fastened around the base of his balls tight. His cock and balls were bulging but simply had nowhere to go. She cupped his balls and gave them a little squeeze. She knew he couldn't feel a thing and smiled as she thought how frustrated he must be. Before long she pulled away, re-coved herself and sat back down.As he did this his cock started to swell and the cage came nowhere close to fitting onto his cock. He started the shower running but this time the water was cold. The ring was still in place and the eyelets of the ring slotted through the hole in the cage. He dried himself off, dabbing the cold water off of his body. On her feet she had a pair of bright red stilettos, which contrasted her black outfit perfectly. Usually she wore a minimal amount of makeup on her face which he liked. Her lips were red, to match the colour of her shoes. His wife had really put a lot of effort in and it was not wasted on him. It was an unusual sensation, not painful just tight. He began to like it but wasn't sure how long he could take it for. He loved it when her nipples were hard and her actions made his cock ache to be released.

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