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Your funds are held for 24 hours but ARE THEN RELEASED back to your credit card.You have a whole week to review David De Angelo’s Double Your Dating book and see whether book is something that will help you.Nor is it about being a player and dating lots of women and cheating on them too.David De Angelo seems to come over as a decent guy and ethical guy and one who genuinely wants you to find success with meeting and attracting women.One of the strong points about Double Your Dating is that its not a book that you just read and then forget all about it.David gives you skills that he has gained over a long period of time and shows you how you can acquire the same skills so that you can enjoy the same results that he now consistently enjoys with women….beautiful, successful, attractive women…type of women he believed were out of his league. If you are looking for fast pick up lines or quick tips for meeting women, you will get that here.

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In trying to figure out what a woman wants, you have to get inside her head and think the way she does.

If you do see value in the book and decide to keep it, you won’t have to do anything and your card will be automatically charged for the one-time payment after the 7-day review period is over.

If you decide that you DO NOT WANT THIS BOOK, then you have to cancel it within the 7 days…this way, you will not be charged for the book once the 7 day period is over.

In Double Your Dating, David talks candidly about the fear of meeting women, the hopeless and unsuccessful attempts at trying to make women laugh and his lame pick up lines that never worked – amongst other things.

Above all, he was sharply aware of the pain and humiliation he felt when he was rejected by these women.

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