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I got service turned on around the 22nd of the month and explained to them that I receive a Social Security check each month on the 3rd.

I understood when they asked me to curtail some of my political aspirations.

Whether you go to the Starlite, Sky Vue Twin, or the pun-tastic Field of Scenes, the drive-in will give you a few hours of uncomplicated, buffering-free entertainment, so why not?

If Jason Sehorn knows what ESPN literally stands for, he doesn’t know what it truly stands for.

My power has never been cut off, I always pay my bills on the arranged days, and I always confirm with the customer service representative what fees or negative feedback will be placed on my account due to the requests. I also was told when I signed up for service there would only be a deposit to receive service.

When I called to discuss with them and see how I was responsible for something that was added when I'd made sure to see any penalties for my actions and this was never mentioned I was told "if you don't like it, all we lose is a bad credit customer... I've never been disconnected, and though I have had one disconnect notice (from last December), I made an arrangement for that balance, and paid it off.

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