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As the story unraveled, it appears that Ronaiah Tuiasosopo was an obsessive football superfan who might have taken advantage of Manti’s gentle nature.Tuiasosopo first communicated with Te’o online claiming to be the female Lennay Kekua.Instead of a beautiful model or a buff athlete as a photo might imply, your internet beau might actually turn out to be a homely, morbidly obese, penniless or even worse, a freak.The Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o’s catfish hoax unfortunately went public.He stole Facebook photos of a former high school classmate, Diane O’Meara, and he used his background in vocal training to speak in a falsetto voice.Apparently convinced his girlfriend was in fact a girl, Te’o gave numerous interviews about his girlfriend to nation-wide outlets including newspapers and TV sports channels. What Id start dating lingerie football, your Matchmaking. What do NFL players handbook allegedly much I only got the Dallas.

Phil 2-hour special which aired on January 31st, and February 1st, 2013, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo made a surprise announcement that claimed that Manti Te’o did not know that he was actually talking to a man, adding that he, Ronaiah was actually deeply in love with Te’o. Phil himself has also stated that Manti Te'o was “absolutely, unequivocally” not involved in the hoax and Ronaiah Tuiasosopo was “a young man who fell deeply, romantically in love".

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La Var Arrington and Chad Dukes on the radio show, "The La Var Arrington Show” hypothesized about how Te’o could concoct such a complicated love story, and even rationalize it.

On their radio show, Chad Dukes said, “Manti Te’o” is a star college football player, with beautiful chicks surrounding him, propositioning him all the time. maybe there are other reasons but it makes a lot of sense." In the history of the NFL, there has been an active player who came out of the closet, and since 1975 only four former professional football players have admitted to being homosexuals; David Kopay in 1975, Roy Simmons in 1992, Esera Tuaolo in 2002 and Wade Davis in 2012.

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