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Don’t expect the Great Pyrenees to spend most of its time with you by the fireplace; rather, this breed will be constantly patrolling the outside perimeters and alert you to trouble with its heavy, distinctive bark.

Because they are slow to learn new commands, owning a Pyrenees will require you to have great patience. Pit Bulls have been condemned by the media for years, and while they are fierce with anything they perceive to be threatening, they are in reality gentle with their owners and can be an excellent family pet as long as they are trained right and treated well. One of the oldest breeds on this list (possibly in service ever since the Roman Empire), the Rottweiler strives to receive plenty of exercise and can perform heavy duty tasks, such as pulling heavy carts to trekking over large distances on search-and-rescue missions.

Giant Schnauzers will bond very quickly with their families and especially with children, but without enough activity, their destructive side could be revealed.

If you have young children, you may want to avoid this breed. While calm and gentle with children, they are very protective and defensive over whatever they are instructed to guard, whether it’s a herd of animals, a family or a home.

As you scan the following list, you'll notice that a number of breeds known for their guard dog tendencies are not included.The word “quit” is simply non-existent to the Siberian Husky, but it will also become very demanding of its owners if left bored.Of course, these characteristics are just the base on which a reliable guard dog is built.Quiet, strong, and brave, the Bullmastiff has historically been used as a guard dog to keep poachers out of large properties.The Bullmastiff is also well-known for its affectionate love to its family members, and as a result is very defensive of them to strangers.

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