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:) About my pvt shows: It depends a lot on the connection(bond) also about how we vibe.I can be romantic, playful, sensitive, naughty,super wild or very passionate.

(We're just checking to see if you're reading carefully.It's very important for me to know what you want so before any pvt please ask before you start so I can tell if I can fulfill your desire or not, just to stay fair-play.It is important to also take care of my body and mind. The first 3 words that describe me are: emphatic, versatile, ambitious.:)I started sports when I was 7 so when I was 13 I left my home and, later I joined the national team.Being an athlete I learned fair-play, responsibility, respect and kindness, I visited most part of Europe during those years so I've seen different cultures and I learned to understand before judge.

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